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  • As I've had little time to fix broken links to binary files, I decided to provide a link to my local [FSFD Binary Collection] circa 2001 (my last attempt to collect all binaries listed on FSFD). If you encounter a dead binary link on the main pages, you may be able to locate the program (by name) in this directory. Of course, many programs were added post-2001 and won't be available in this collection. Also includes lots of cruft that was never added to FSFD.
  • As the forum is down, you may contact us at: dosware (@t)
  • Still managing the website in 2022 but no new updates occurring.
  • Still alive : )
  • Fixed Google search...on most pages.
  • As time permits, fixing links...and archiving files locally.
  • Still here. Updating links, but no time to generate new content. 20th anniversay this year. Yikes!
    I'm sad to see so many DOS sites go dark or dormant during the past few years without explanation or context. While this site is effectively dormant, it remains actively maintained and monitored. I do hope a day will come when I can devote time to commentary and reflection on the early years of the PC. DOS was surely a critical seed of consumer computing. The programs here attest to the early, and vigorous energy of the free software community.
  • Periodically updating dead links, but no time to generate new content.
  • Sadly, I learned months-too-late that the great Garbo archive went dark in late 2012. Cause: server failure. And it will not be resurrected. Thankfully, the Internet Archive has preserved Garbo in a 1 Gb zip file.  Thanks Timo for your years of amazing contributions to the DOS community !
  • The ghost of SimTel also went extinct late 2012. During the mid 2000's, SimTel morphed into a commercial enterprise focusing on Windows. Didn't really thrive. The MSDOS files of some updated mirrors (c. 2007) are contaminated (altered) with SimTel's Windows downloader/ installer. A still-existing clean mirror (c. 2003):
  • Lot's more dead links to fix here...
  • ADDED: (The) Doszip Commander - LFN-aware NC clone file manager with zip support (v2.23, 2012-02).
  • UPDATED: Fractint - Fractal image generator (v20.04p11, 201106).
  • UPDATED: NSSI - System information tool (v0.60.45 2010-09)
  • ADDED: Jemm - Efficient Expanded Memory Manager compatible with FreeDOS, MS-DOS (v5.75, 20110718).
  • UPDATED: DOSLFN - Long File Name driver (emulator) for plain DOS, supports magnetic disks and CDs. (v0.41a, 20120112)
  • The inactive forum is down...
  • UPDATED: NASM - Netwide Assembler. 80x86 assembler designed for portability and modularity.. (v2.07, 2009)
  • UPDATED: REGINA - 32-bit REXX interpreter for DOS. (v3.5, 2009)
  • ADDED: Gnome - EMACS style editor (1988).
  • UPDATED: Vim - Excellent Vi-like text editor for power users. (v7.3, 2010-08-15)
  • UPDATED: FED - Folding text editor with a friendly interface. (v2.24, 2007)
  • UPDATED: TDE (Thomson-Davis Editor) - Multi-window text editor. (v5.1v, 2007)
  • RARE: HighViewer - Norton-like text/HEX viewer with HTML filter. FSFD appears to be the sole source for the final version of this program (v1.2.62, 2001).
  • RARE: ViewS - Text file viewer with automatic smooth scrolling.FSFD appears to be the sole source for the final beta version of this program (v2.01beta6, 1998).
  • UPDATED: less - File pager / viewer and MORE replacement.(v436, 2009)
  • ADDED: Snarf- TSR Screen capture (CGA, EGA, VGA, VESA graphic and text mode)
  • UPDATED: TestDisk - Checks partition and boot sectors, recover lost partition. (v6.11.3)
  • UPDATED: DataPerfect - Professional relational database. v2.6y (2009)
  • ADDED: AS Easy AS - Award winning shareware spreadsheet- discontinued and free (since 2006). Final DOS version 5.7 (1998); Final Win 9x version 1.6 (2004).
  • UPDATED NDN file manager (Necromancer's DOS Navigator) - DOS Navigator derivative with LFN support, other enhancements. (v2.31.5309 , 2009-03-23)
  • UPDATED NDIR - Colorized directory lister with configuration program; Win9x LFN support. 2009-01: Win32 console version updated v2.35;
  • UPDATED CWSDPMI - DOS Protected Mode Interface, provides services to 32-bit programs. (r7, 2010-01)
  • UPDATED Vim - Excellent Vi-like text editor for power users. (v7.2, 2008-08)
  • UPDATED NDN file manager (Necromancer's DOS Navigator) - DOS Navigator derivative with LFN support, other enhancements. (v2.31.5222, 2009-12-13)
  • UPDATED VDE text editor  (v. 1.96A, 2009-11)
  • UPDATED JED - Programmer's editor; supports EMACS, BRIEF and other modes (latest ver 0.99-19 source only).
  • ADDED: Aurora- Multi-window text editor with macros, multi-undo/redo.. Handles large files. (Shareware; development ceased c.1996; free registration now permitted)
  • ADDED: Protext- Multi-platform word processor, now freeware.
  • UPDATED: VBX-Character mode drawing, with text and hex editing. (v3.07 2008-03)
  • Archive Lister- Multi-panel (incl. ftp panels) file manager; Win9x compatible. Updated v1.76, 200512
  • GVFM (Graphic Vision File Manager)-Polished VGA mode, multi-window file manager, Win9x LFN support Updated v2.66b3, 200902
  • I have stored many of Charles Dye's great DOS programs locally on Reimagery- his web site is no longer active....more.
  • Completed updating of links of old AOL binaries to see 2009-07-24.
  • 4DOS updated (Build 200 v8.00 2009-02-27).
  • Beginning a glacially slow process of archiving all binaries locally on, and updating links.
  • VDE text editor updated (v. 1.96, 2009-08)
  • Locate file finder link updated.
  • I have added a link here to an archive of binaries that were formerly hosted on my (now defunct) AOL FTP space. I still need to fix the broken links in the actual program entries- but this link can suffice for now: RARE DOS BINARIES
  • Original author (R. Green) has forked from Short.Stop's dormant 2006 site. Sadly, Steve (Short.Stop) passed away in 2009. Steve was able to maintain and expand upon the accumulated documentation after I could not. It was a great example of an "open source" project becoming higher quality. Steve unselfishly contributed so much more to the FSFD and DOS community. Steve also concurrently maintained informational links for the VDE text editor and Pegasus mail programs. I intend to make corrections/ additions at a very casual (=snail's) pace. I do not run DOS any more and have been a Linux user for many years.

Index to Programs
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Program Pages
Antivirus Largely obsolete (and unecessary)
Archive Compress Zip, unrar, arj, and rare dos archivers and exe packers
Audio, CD, MP3 CD, midi and mp3 players
Batch Utils Batch utilities (not bat files)
Boot Utils OS boot managers, DOS boot managers
Calc Math Stats Cli, tsr, and full screen calculators; basic/ rare statistical programs
Calendars Clock PIM Calendars, Date Calculaters, TSR Clock, cli Date/Time, Schedulers, Address Books
Comm Internet Terminal emulators, fax, bbs, tcp / ip tools, packet drivers, web browsers, ftp, mail, netware
Database Spreadsheet Database programs (relational, dbase compatible, flat file); dbase edit. view, convert, repair. Spreadsheets, including As-Easy-As.
Directory Utils DIR replacements, compare, usage, tree utils, dir changers
Disk Utils Partitioners, resizers, disk repair/check, defrag
Encrypt Encode Encryption utils, uuencode/ mime, password gen
File Managers DOS file managers, Win 9x LFN aware FM's,
File Utils Rename, delete, copy, move, touch (date/time), find, identify, hex edit
Graphics Image viewers & editors, CAD, ray tracing
GUI Shells Desktop DOS front-ends and GUI's
HTML Utils HTML viewers, converters
Keyboard & Mouse C-line editors, key stuffers, macros, mouse utils
Menus & Launchers Batch, text & vga menus, program execution helpers
Misc Utils Utility sets/ collections
Operating Systems FreeDOS, other DOSes, Linux
Printing Printing helpers (no drivers)
Programming Languages, debuggers, cwsdpmi
Reference Encyclopedias, astronomy, periodic tables, genealogy
Screen Screen mode utils, ansi.sys tools, screen capture, scrollback buffer tools, copy/paste tools
System Utils System info, CPU speed changers, Borland CRT bug fix, Y2K testers
Text Editors Simple and advanced text editors
Text Utils Search/replace, sort, filters, character translate, word lists and dictionaries, word count, ascii charts, spell check
Unix-ish Unix-ish & GNU programs and collections
Windows utils for DOS Command line emulators, Win9x LFN tools, misc
Secondary List Minor, specialized, or redundant programs
More Resources Links to additional DOS resources

Special Acknowledgment:

Steve Adelwitz, FSFD Editor (2004-2009).

Sadly, Steve (Short.Stop) passed away in 2009. Steve unselfishly contributed to the FSFD and DOS community. Steve also maintained informational links for the VDE text editor and Pegasus mail programs.

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